Kara Sardegna
Seafood Sardinia boasts of gorgeous and limpid sea waters which abound in a wide selection of fish: lobsters, prawns, octopuses, blue fish, squids and sea urchins.
The seafood dishes represent the old simplicity of the Sardinians: delicious recipes without sophisticated ingredients which reminds us of a sincere and genuine land.
Who doesn't know, for example, the Bottarga? A Sardinian typical speciality that can be eaten grated on pasta dishes or used as an ingredient for toasts.
By the way, if you don't know what it is... Bottarga is the name given to the roe of both the grey mullet and tuna. The roes are cured in brine, salted and dried. A delicacy!
Try it from Kara Sardegna and you'll enjoy the perfumes of the Sardinian sea!

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