Mullet bottarga
The goodness can also be seen in the colour: gold and amber are the ones to look for.

Fragrant, enveloping, distinctive. Mullet bottarga is a special product which belongs to the ancient history of Sardinia. It is said that over 3,000 years ago, Phoenician seafarers arrived on the coasts of our island, bringing with them the art of preserving in brine and seasoning sacs of mullet roe. Today, after careful selection and highly accurate manual and visual inspection, only the very best quality roe is processed with care, one by one. We respect tradition, but we also make use of modern technology to guarantee the best production process.

A really excellent bottarga can be recognised by its colour. If it is amber with a uniform colour or slight shades of it, then the product will have impeccable quality. The flavour is distinctive and enveloping on the palate, reminiscent of the sea.

Smeralda & Kara Sardegna

Smeralda has a partneship with Kara Sardegna known as an important leader for on-line sale and distribution of typical Sardinian products.
This partnership represents for Smeralda a development opportunity in the e-commerce area.